Business Segments | Carton Box Making

Being a producer of diverse range of quality palm oil products, we consistently provide healthy and affordable products to our consumers. Royal Industries has always strived to provide quality products around the globe with maximum efficiency, bearing minimum costs. Therefore, to support this purpose and to meet the ever increasing requirements, Royal Industries has strengthened its in house packaging department through the addition of state of the art machinery for corrugated carton boxes to its facilities. This inclusion has aided in achieving greater efficiency throughout the process, from production to timely distribution and reducing costs so that the products remain competitive and consumers benefit in every way.

Our corrugated box capability consists of an in-house box structure design unit, graphic concept and design assistance and an integrated manufacturing facility. The product range includes liners, shipping cartons and diecut boxes. The processes at our corrugated carton box plant include the following:


Flexible printing plates are mounted to a cylinder and pick up a fast drying water based ink from an anilox cylinder that is metered by a rubber roll or doctor blade system. Sheets are fed through the cylinders and graphics are transferred to the corrugated board. This is also known as direct print. There are a number of machinery alternatives available to converters and every converter is equipped a little differently.

Flexography is also used in preprint applications where the printing is applied to the outside liner prior to being converted into a corrugated sheet. This process offers printing advantages but requires certain levels of volume before it can be considered an option


Litho quality graphics can be incorporated into corrugated packing in two ways, either through single- face laminating or labeling the combined board. Both result in high quality graphics with bright colors and sharp resolution.

Single Face Laminating

A printed "top sheet" can be laminated directly to the medium as the outside liner. The printed top sheet covers the entire sheet and is then ready to be converted.

Labeling Combine Board

Also known as litho labeling, a printed sheet or label is laminated to corrugated board. The label can be full sized or "spot". Full sized labels are laminated prior to converting whereas spot labeling can be done after the box has been converted.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most recently developed printing technology. Graphics from a digital computer file are transmitted directly to a printer that plots the graphics onto the corrugated board. This eliminates the need for printing plates. However because it is a time consuming process digital printing is used primarily for short runs of high graphics. As speeds pick up this method of printing is sure to gain popularity.