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Royal Group refineries are established in one of the most modern and eco-friendly industrial park in Surya Cipta Industrial Estate Karawang, just 55 km from Jakarta. The two palm oil refineries are equipped with latest technology which converts crude palm oil to quality edible oil. Both refineries have a combined capacity of 1200 tons of crude palm oil into refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil (RBDPO) and palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) as by product.

The physical distillation and deodorization produces an odourless, tasteless product with negligible free fatty acid (FFA), light in colour and have higher stability against oxidation. Royal Group’s refineries are strategically designed combination of tower and fatty acid scrubber which practically ensures no carryover of fatty acids into the vacuum system. The crude palm oil (CPO) passed through series of independent stainless steel compartments positioned vertically and horizontally and is subjected to intense live scheme stripping under high vacuum at high temperature. This process removes all volatile acidic and hazardous impurities. Applying the steam distillation this process is than followed by deodorization for the removal of free fatty acid (FFA). The refinery system is fully automated to pre-treat, bleach, strip and deodorize palm olein.

Fractionation Plants

Royal group refineries have two dry fractionation plants to process 1200 metric tons per day of palm oil ensuring premium quality cooking oil and non hydrogenated ghee. The RBDPO is passed through a further process of dry fractionation to separate palm olein and palm stearin. The RBDPO feed is passed through a crystallization process with the purpose to destroy any crystals present. The crystallizers are made up of vertical cylindrical vessels full of thermo regulated water. The oil is mechanically agitated at low temperatures. Thus separating palm olein and palm stearin. The edible oil produced passes through a polishing filter before being sent out to storage tanks.