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As part of our integrated business, we charter a fleet of vessels which cater our in-house needs.Our fleet of vessels improves our flexibility and operational efficiency in our logistics operations. About 60 % of the Groupís liquid bulk shipping requirement is met by internal vessels As the groups edible oil volume increase, the group will continue to expand shipping fleet and reduce shipping cost by chartering or acquiring larger and more cost effective vessels.


In todayís highly competitive business environment, Maintaining a responsive, reliable and cost efficient product and material supply chain is often a decisive success factor for any company.

Royal Groupís vision to become a leading edible oil company in Indonesia is ably supported by its own distribution networks. We manage and own an extensive overland transportation network of over 200 commercial vehicles covering the entire Indonesia Royalís comprehensive product range is distributed via warehouses at strategic locations and dedicated transportation fleets to retail and institutional buyers throughout the Indonesia.Royal Groupís distribution network plays a pivotal role in enabling shelf supremacy, ready availability, increased market penetration, brand activation and enhanced services at all market levels.

The company distributes Royal Group brands of edible oil, margarine, rice, drinking water, soap and detergents and other related products. The company has a commendable presence in all modern channels such as hypermarkets and large chain stores, self-service stores, wholesale and small traditional stores across Indonesia.