Business Segments |  Palm Kernel Oil

The Royal Groupís palm kernel oil mills are located 110 km from Pontianak, West Kalimantan Indonesia, within our plantation area and 400 metres from river Kapuas Jetty and oil terminal. The palm kernel oil mills have capacity of extracting 15 tons per hour of Palm Kernel Oil. We produce one of the finest palm kernel oil to meet our in house requirements; In addition we also sell palm kernel oil to various industries.

The extracted palm kernel oil is pumped out to 1000 tons storage tanks in mills. The storage tanks are connected with 100 tons per hour pumping capacity through delivery pipes on the river bank Jetty oil terminal which is also owned by Royal Group.

Royal Groupís palm kernel oil is edible oil that is derived from the finest palm kernels. It is a common cooking ingredient; itís increasing use in the commercial food industry throughout the world in buoyed by its lower cost.