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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Jute bags and textile products in Middle East. The Royal Group effectively runs 2 Jute and Textile manufacturing facilities in Pakistan under White Pearl Group of Companies. The Group produces world class Hessian and Sacking cloth in Middle East.

  • Hessian Cloth
  • Sacking Cloth

The worldwide awareness on environment and health is likely to provide new opportunities on jute, due to its environment-friendly characteristics. Jute and kenaf have been employed for centuries as packaging materials. In recent times they are found to be a valuable aid to sound environmental management. Jute, a natural fibre that can be used in many different areas, supplementing and/or replacing synthetics, has been receiving increasing attention from the industry. Their interests focus not only on the traditional uses of jute, but also on the production of other value-added products such as, pulp and paper, geotextiles, composites and home textiles etc.

Among the various diversified jute products, floor coverings, home textiles, technical textiles, geo-textiles, non-woven jute, jute reinforced composites, pulp & paper, particle boards, shopping bags, handicrafts, fashion accessories, apparels have the potential for wider commercial use and application. Twines, ropes, cordages etc. are used for the purpose of tying, knotting, binding etc. particularly agricultural commodities. Jute yarns of various dimensions are piled together to make twines as per requirement and use.

The existing jute and allied fibre grading systems and the names of the different grades of fibres, as being practiced in the different major producing countries, are given below.