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Basmati is one of the oldest cultivated crops and is a staple food forming key portion of the diet for many of the world's population, especially living in the Middle East, Southern and Eastern Asia.

From the foothills of Himalayas and fed by the enriched mineral snow-fed water, the slender long grain of Basmati rice is well known for getting double its size after cooking. It's exotic aroma, delicious nutty flavor and best nutritious value makes it the ultimate choice of rice lovers' across all continents. The name basmati originated from a Sanskrit word "BAS" meaning smell and ‘Mati’ meaning ‘Queen’.

Alfarid Corporation manages a strong network of supply chain from origin, belt of Punjab known for quality basmati grains. The acquired product undergoes vigilant quality control checks prior to reaching our warehouse and milling facility. We select and match the grains with the specific originating land specifics, verifying the edges, grain length, aroma, color, moisture content and also the cooking of samples drawn randomly from each lot that comes in. After undergoing milling, processing and polishing, the finest quality basmati is achieved which is then packed as per clients requirements and/or in our brand packaging.

Rice Varieties

Super Kernel Basmati Rice
Super Kernel Basmati Rice the term ‘Super Kernel’ is the premium quality basmati rice variety from Punjab. It carries strong aroma being grown in the snow-fed Himalayan fields and mountains. SKB is old crop also termed as ‘Punjab Super’. The grains are extra long in length and become double its size after cooking. The nutty flavor is liked all over the world by quality lovers having the preference for great taste and grand flavor. Our Brand ZOQ is 100% pure and premium quality, silky polish and aged to perfection is the top notch Super Kernel Basmati Rice.

S1121 Extra Long Grain Rice
1121 Extra Long Grain Rice as the name suggests 1121 extra long grain rice is very long grain length ranging between AGL 7.8mm to 8.4mm. It carries exceptional taste, extra long slender edgy shaped grains while upon cooking the grains become even longer for a delicious and special occasion treat to guests and family.

PK 385 Basmati Rice
PK 385 Basmati Rice originates from selected regions of the province of Punjab for many decades, having naturally high aroma, good taste & cooking and very reasonable price as compared to the top notch basmati grades. Our offered 385 basmati is old crop that guarantees superior cooking and excellent taste. Our brands are famous in Oceania and Middle East for fast movements and sales in hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail stores and also liked by cuisines, restaurants and catering companies.

Super Basmati Rice
Super Basmati Rice is the second tier basmati from selected regions of Punjab and Sindh province. This recipe of Super calls for a blend that entails affordable pricing with quick movements in Wholesale and Supermarket stores. Our Brand Alfarid Superior Basmati Rice carries natural aroma and delicate nutty flavor that is peculiar to this variety and is cooked easily and grains become separate upon cooking.

Short Grain Basmati Rice
Short Grain Basmati Rice has an average grain length of 6.35 mm which are pulled out of Super kernel Basmati. These short grains are extra well milled and carry the same specifications of super kernel including strong aroma, slender kernels, silky and double polish, 100% sortexed, aged to perfection, moisture level less than 11% and are non-sticky grains upon cooking to suit any special occasion's cooking. The best buy is the price affordability factor of this short grain rice being less expensive having all the qualities of super kernel basmati.

D-98 Basmati Rice
D-98 Basmati Rice belongs to the soils of Sindh province of Pakistan also called ‘Sindhi Basmati’. D-98 is the variety that has recently been replaced by PK 385 for better cooking result.