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Royal Laundry

The Royal Laundry Soap is mixed thoroughly with the colour, perfume and other additives.

Mixed mass is then refined, milled and extruded using Simplex Refining Plodder, Triple Roll Mill, Duplex Finishing Plodder respectively. The extruded soap is then cut, stamped and wrapped embossed on the surface and packed.

Royal Soap Noodles

Soap Noodles (Sodium Palmitate) is the base of all kind of soaps which are tailor made to meet different customer needs for the laundry, toilet and cosmetic soap industries.

Royal Group produces best quality soap noodles by saponification of fatty acids and oils. Our soap noodles provide excellent perfume retention properties which are high consistency and quality. We are also specialized in tailoring customized soap noodles for various processing and performance needs of different processing lines, formulation and efficacy attributes.