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About sixty years ago, we started from a small agro based rice and jute products mills. The arduous journey towards our dream of becoming a formidable international industrial and trading conglomerate was actualized with the formation of Royal Industries Indonesia. This is an important milestone in Royal Groupís endeavors towards achieving excellence in accordance with our vision and mission statements.

Since then, we continue with zest and zeal towards our journey to higher goals; with fresh insights, working passionately to progress. My experience with industrial growth and innovation has been indeed challenging. The success has been the result of synergy achieved with synchronization of human resources and technology. On the human resource side, one simple rule has been that we trust each other and trust our business partners. Our business ethical standards are the corner stone of our industrial foundation..

Royal Industries Indonesia has established for itself standards of excellence in technology and social responsibilities towards nature and the people. We draw natural resources for producing consumer products for the people; therefore, we must pay back to the nature and environment. We continue to venture in a number of core industries where our clear vision and strategy is to satisfy our customers.

We are improving our key internal operations and enhancing core competencies of our professional staff. The consistent focus is on customerís satisfaction, partnerís trust, supplierís confidence and well being of the employees. Leveraging synergies across our group are the Royal brand names; exuding confidence in our palm oil products globally