About Us | Research and Development

The group conducts research and development (R & D) activities in Indonesia and Pakistan. We are committed to research and development activities to improve the quality and range of our products as well as to enhance overall operational efficiency.


Our global (R & D) centre based in Karawang-Indonesia has 100 employees of which many are highly qualified technicians. The research and development are mainly focused on edible oils, specialty fats, food technology, oleo chemicals, flavour chemistry, food ingredients in structuring and palm fruits in plantation.The Group's R & D activities in relation to it plantations are centred on improving seed variety for higher yield. Progeny studies are also being conducted to further identify parental palms with good combining ability.

Research is done on the refining and fractination process to raise yield, shorten the process time and to achieve superior quality products. Research is also done on cost-saving techniques in the refining process through the efficient use of the raw materials.


When handling edible oil/food grade industrial materials, Royal Group's hygiene and safety standards are set by SGS and lab tested by qualified lab technician. Our lab and testing systems are ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 compliant. Internationally, our quality management has certification of UKAS Quality Management 005 and HACCP. Our edible products are HALAL certified from Indonesian Council of Ulama and KOSHER certification from Rabbi Don Yoel Levy.