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Royal Industries Indonesia is a saga of strategic vision of our founders to achieve ‘Excellence’. We are a capacity building agro industrial conglomerate. As an Agro based industry mainly dealing in palm oil products, we strive for sustainable quality of cooking oil, margarine and hydrogenated ghee.

In 2011, our group entered its sixth decade, and we can be proud of what we have achieved. Over the years, we have consistently delivered positive results, even in difficult economic times.

In the workplace, we are deeply committed to the professional development of our employees and providing a stimulating, rewarding and supportive working environment.

We continue to be leaders by proactively managing the impact of our operations on the environment, by reducing our carbon footprint, our water use ratio and the amount of solid waste from our operations. We also continue to support community conservation efforts in a number of countries and promote consumer awareness of environmental challenges.

In our communities, we provide assistance in a variety of ways. In 2010, we responded to a number of natural disasters, including the floods in Pakistan and Indonesia, with contributions of financial, products, supplies and timely aid to the affected. Our employees regularly volunteer to support numerous other local social and environmental initiatives across the Group.

We believe in our mission statement, our customers and clients satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Royal Industries Indonesia, the measure of success and progress lies beyond balance sheets and other economic indicators.