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Our RII Head Office
Bellagio Office Park, Jakarta - Indonesia

We are a Private Limited Agro-Industrial Conglomerate wholly owned by the Asif family. Our agro-industrial complex is a model for profitability and cost effective production. Our main businesses include Palm Plantations, Oil Seed and Kernel crushing mills, Edible oil refineries and fractionations, Rice milling and processing, Soaps and Detergents factories, Margarine and Shortening manufacturing facilities, Injection and Moulding plants for packaging and Teak Wood processing mills. We follow innovative style of business synergised with efficient technological adaptations in the field of Agro-Industrial integration.

The Royal Group processes oils & fats, rice and wood products for export to worldwide destinations. Royal Group’s Headquarters is located at Jakarta, Indonesia and we have a worldwide marketing and export network in more than 35 countries.

Royal Group under the dynamic leadership of its President Director Mr. Muhammad Asif has a professionally qualified, multinational executive and staff strength of more than 4,000 people.

“By listening closely to our customers, we took the decision over 6 years ago to integrate every aspect of our production – the 4 P’s – from Planting to Processing to Production and Packaging” The result is higher yield and better quality of palm oil product than the alternatives – yet we’re able to do this at a significantly lower cost – while offering sustained and cyclic supply chain operations. The 4 P’s concept implementation has resulted in Royal Group being the Top exporter of edible oils and fats in consumer packing in Indonesia. Additionally our rice export operations from Pakistan bring us in the Top 10 basmati rice exporters from India and Pakistan together.

Our business model enjoys lower cost due to economies of scale, agro industrial integration, focused logistics, distribution advantages, and superior market strategies. The original concept at Royal Group is to capitalize on our own strength rather than exploit weaknesses of our competitors.